Stay safe and healthy! Mar 30, 2020
Stay safe and healthy!
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Mountain Biking at Bretton Woods

Enjoy the scenery of Mount Washington Resort by bike on our expansive Alpine or Valley Trail Mountain Biking Systems. Cross-Country (XC) trails and rentals are accessible from the Stone Pillar Lodge located near the Golf Clubhouse near Mount Washington Hotel. Our lift serviced alpine system of mountain biking trails is located across the street, at Bretton Woods Adventure Center. Here, experienced riders can weave their way down a series of trails designed with twists, turns and natural features to make for a fun and exhilarating ride down. Closed-toe shoes are required for Mountain Biking.

Take the chairlift to the top and wind your way down one of the mountain bike trails. For more information about mountain biking at Bretton Woods, please call the Adventure Center at (603) 278-3335.

Pump Track at Fabyan's Fields

Located in the Fabyan's Fields trail network, and just a short pedal from the Bretton Woodsmtwash-omni-mount-washington-resort-summer-activities-mtb-pumptrack Adventure Center, you'll find our brand new mountain bike pump track! Pump tracks are a great way to build your bike handling skills, workout your entire body and have a blast doing it! Whether you've been ripping up downhill trails and are looking for a way to end the day or you are developing your mountain bike skills, our track is sure to keep you smiling!

What is a pump track?
A pump tack is a continuous circuit of dirt rollers, berms and jumps that loops back on itself and allows you to ride it continuously.

Why ride a pump track?

Riding a pump track helps riders of all abilities develop and hone essential 'real-world' mountain biking skills such as:

  • riding berms and cornering skills
  • using terrain to maintain and / or gain speed
  • looking ahead when riding instead of where you are riding
  • advanced, playful bike handling skills and line selection
  • And it will give you an intense full-body workout