Great day for flying among the trees! Aug 16, 2018
Great day for flying among the trees!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Programs

Bretton Woods is proud to offer a variety of award-winning programs that will help give your kids the opportunity to take to the slopes and the learn the fun sport of skiing and riding. Reservations are required for many of these programs, please contact the Bretton Woods Ski & Snowboard School at (603) 278-3303 to make your reservations and  for the most up to date information on on-going children's programs and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Children's Programs

How do I know my child's skill level?

Red: First time on skis. Learning to stop in a wedge.
Green (Learning Center Quad): Can control speed and stop on the Learning Center Quad.
Green (Mountain): Can easily control speed, stop and make direction changes on easy to moderate terrain.
Blue: Turn and stop in a wedge; end some turns with skis parallel.
Black: Skis parallel all the time, exploring all terrain.

Red: First time on a snowboard. Can slip around on a board.
Green: Can make heel- and toe-side turns, control speed and stop.
Blue: Can link heel- and toe-side turns and control speed through good turn shape.
Black: Can ride all types of terrain and trying freestyle tricks and/or carving.

*For safety reasons, upper level groups may be required to take 1-2 runs on the Learning Center Quad at the beginning of lessons.

How early do I arrive on day of check-in?

Please arrive for registration at least one hour prior to lesson time. This will help to provide a smooth transition to the ski slope.

What should my children wear?

Clothing should be appropriate for the weather of the day - warm and waterproof. Hat - Neck-warmer - Parka - Gloves or mittens - Ski pants - Goggles or sunglasses. Goggles and neck-ups may be required in certain weather conditions.

What is a child check card?

When registering your child in the Hobbit Program, you will receive a numbered card that must be returned at the time your child is picked up at the Kids' Alpine Club. Children will NOT be released to an adult without this child check card. This policy ensures the utmost safety and security for your child.

Questions about any of this information?

 Please contact the Ski School Call Center at (603) 278-3303.