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WREN Meet the Makers

Come and Meet the Makers from the Local Works Gallery in the lobby. The beauty of the White Mountains has attracted artists and craftspeople for generations. It is a place rich in inspiration and creativity. We know your time is limited, so we are bringing the artist to you. We invite you to the lobby of the hotel on Saturday and anytime between 11am-2pm you can meet the artist and ask questions and find out more about their work. We hope to enrich your visit to the hotel with this unique experience. Meet the Maker takes place every Saturday from 11am-2pm in the lobby of the hotel near the Local Works Gallery beginning July 2nd. The Local Works gallery showcases the talent of over 300 local artisans.

  • WHEN: Saturdays thru October 29th 
  • TIME: 11 am - 2 pm 
  • LOCATION: Great Hall, outside Local Works Gallery 
  • COST: Free
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE: Available for purchase through Rosebrook Bar 

Artist Detail

July 30: Cynthia DeKett, Author and Illustrator A.K.A. C.A. Morgan (pen name)

C. A. Morgan is not only an author/illustrator and armchair theorist, but an incredibly talented home chef who doesn't believe in the zombie apocalypse --- although she does hoard food in an amazingly well-stocked pantry. Equipped with a degree in Commercial Art from Michigan's Ferris State University, she has worked in a variety of related and teaching fields. She now calls Vermont's Northeast Kingdom home, and loves sharing rural life with her husband and their five exceptional children, seasonal livestock and occasional moose. Portraiture - both visual and literary - is her forte. She enjoys layering the aesthetic with functionality in her richly drawn fictional characters as much as in her "illuminated" art furniture. Encouraging others to develop their talents is her lifelong passion. Living out her dream, she hopes everyone reading this will take a chance, make a change, and work their butts off to make their own dreams come true.

August 6: Sarah Rosedahl, Artist, Author and Illustrator for Sloggers

Sarah Rosedahl is an artist and recovering software engineer. After working in the high tech industry for 30 years in California and New Orleans, Sarah now lives on a small farm in Vermont where she is inspired by the wildlife and agriculture of the Lake Champlain Islands. Sarah works in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media and especially enjoys painting birds, both wild and domestic.

Sarah is the author and illustrator of “Difficult Chickens” and “Difficult Sheep & Friends” adult coloring books, “Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z” and “Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z Coloring Book” and illustrator for Sloggers Chicken Collection and Cowabella rain boots and garden shoes.

August 13: Christine Metivier, Photographer

I’ve always had a passion for flowers and a love of photography, when I finally merged the two, I saw the infinite beauty of nature that so often goes unnoticed. The detail.  The color.  The rawness of being so up close to nature. It is a joy for me to be able to share my photographs with others, who also appreciate the simple, yet striking, vibrant beauty that flowers so generously offer us all.  Born in Québec City, Canada, Christine Métivier (formerly Dennery) now lives in Maine with her family. Her photographs decorate the newly renovated guest rooms at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel & Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Offering photo cards, framed art, modern metals, and beautiful custom made designer scarfs.

August 20: Sirpa Cowell, Clothing Designer

iivi is a women’s clothing brand made in US (Cape Cod). It is minimal, stylish and made with high quality fabrics. The brand concentrates the sizes, that lots of companies forget, the average women sizes. High fashion ends size 8 and we will be offering sizes up to 18. Our color palette is neutral and easy and the fit is comfortable.

August 27: Cathy Strasser, Author

Murder and Mayhem in the White Mountains!

Join author Cathy Strasser to hear about the books in her White Mountains Mystery series, An Uncertain Grave and An Unexpected Corpse.  The books take place in and around the White Mountains of New Hampshire and give a humorous look at life in the “North Country” – the area north of the Franconia Notch. Follow the investigative team of New Hampshire State Troopers Cliff Codey and Mike Eldrich as they compete with a nosy New York reporter to solve the mystery behind the body of a young woman while dealing with the interference of an inept hiker and the help and sometimes hindrance of locals with secrets they don’t want to share. Next, Cliff and Mike are called in to investigate a body found on the land of the nastiest family in the North Country. A shadow from Cliff’s past hangs over the investigation and only a strong connection to the people and places of the North Country can help them solve the case.

Cathy will discuss how to write about where you live and still remain on speaking terms with your neighbors, how she researches her books, and what to do when one character tries to hijack the book and steal the show. Signed copies of each book will be available for purchase – bring a piece of the North Country home with you!

September 3: Joan Harlowe, Watercolor Artist

Joan Harlowe, Red Horse Studio

Watercolor painting is, for me, a delight and a continual challenge. Sometimes an accidental splash of water surprises me with a blossom of color in just the right spot, solving a problem in the composition. My goal is to paint freely, draw accurately, and bring light and energy into my work.

 Although the paintings are of places and people, the real subjects are light and color. Although my work is continually evolving, I have had the pleasure and benefit of three excellent teachers: Frank Webb, Charles Reid, and Barbara Nechis.  From them I learned many valuable techniques and incorporate the ones that fit into my own style.

 My husband and I live on a small farm, with horses, goats, dogs, cats and chickens in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.  My studio is named for Gaddy, a wonderful horse who really does look red in certain lights. (She's a sorrel, to give her color the correct equine name.)

Located on a ridge, we look to Burke Mountain to the east and Willoughby Gap to the north, a dramatic profile where a glacial lake formed in the last ice age lies between two mountains.  The fields and forests, the seasonal changes in the Northeast Kingdom, and our animals all are endlessly energizing and inspiring. Recent exhibitions: solo or group shows at Catamount Arts, St. Johns bury ; Miller's Thumb, Greensboro ; Miller's Fare, Littleton; the Gallery at WREN, Bethlehem ; and the Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild, St. Johnsbury (where my work is always on view.) 

September 10: Jacqueline Scott, Stained Glass Artist


Jacqueline Scott (Jacki) has been working in stained glass for over 15 years.  Beginning with the typical stained glass patterns, Jacki has developed her own style with “mixed media,” using found objects such as shells, beads, nuggets, stones and wire.  As Jacki says, “Anything I can put copper foil around I can put in stained glass!”  Her original designs can be found at local farmers' markets and at the WREN Gallery in Bethlehem.

September 17: Susan Riach, Jewelry Designer

Having the great fortune and gift of an artistic spirit and while completing metalsmithing classes, I realized that designing, forging, hammering and sculpting little pieces of wearable art was to be my passion.

My unique jewelry creations in sterling silver, are bold, strong and contemporary, yet make a simple, classic and elegant statement that complements the flow and contours of the body.   I take my inspiration from the organic and architectural elements which surround me, and design from the simplicity of the soul. My pieces are recognized and noted for their flow, which has naturally evolved from my longtime practice and dedication to yoga.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love creating it for you!

September 24: Kate O'Dell, Artist

Painting began later in life for me…. And watercolor on aquabord is the method I prefer.   Most people are familiar with watercolor paintings on paper, but I find that using watercolor on aquabord is a bit like painting with oil, while keeping the luminosity of watercolor.   Upon completion, the paintings are varnished and framed….never needing glass.

Animals are a favorite subject, along with people. There are so many interesting faces to paint (human or otherwise)….. and I think we all enjoy taking a closer look.  

Art makes life a little better….. Don’t you agree?

October 1: Jeanette Fournier, Wildlife Artist

Jeanette Fournier’s beautifully detailed watercolors of animals and birds in their natural surrounding speak eloquently of her love of the natural world. With family ties in the White Mountains of NH and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont she has spent many hours observing and drawing what she sees in areas consisting of protected forests, rugged wilderness, farmlands and small village communities.

Remarkably, Jeanette is self-taught. Living and working in a beautiful part of the world provides daily inspiration. During the long northern winters she has extended time to practice and perfect her drawing and painting skills in the studio. Jeanette wants her artwork to remind people of the importance of having the natural world around us, being a part of it and of the importance of saving our wild places.

She is an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists and a signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society and the North East Watercolor Society. She shows her paintings locally at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem and at the Local Works Gallery at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods.

October 8: Gretchen Durack, Fiber Artist

Gretchen Durack, I am a fabric recycler/artist. I started my own business, Mountainside Creations and Collectibles 27 years ago as a way to be a stay at home wife and mom and earn money while doing so.

I truly enjoy that with an eye for color, a passion to bring new life to worn denim, recycle wool clothes into useful and whimsical gifts and rescuing vintage linens lace and buttons giving them a new life as  French lavender sachet. The possibilities are endless.

My favorite creations are embellished "one of a kind" reusable journals, wildlife appliquéd balsam gifts and recycled wool Christmas trees that come to life with just your imagination.

October 15: Cherie Norton, Jewelry Designer

Hi! My name is Cherie Norton and I have been making jewelry for nearly 40 years! Wow, where does the time go?

I am a resident of Conway, NH and I have been a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen since 1983. I also belong to WREN in the beautiful town of Bethlehem where I used to live.

I find inspiration in my gardening and take it from there to my designs. Most of my work is created through the “lost wax” process where I first create the design in wax and it is then molded and cast in either silver or gold. I hand finish the pieces sometimes adding pearls or stones.

If you are looking for me I’ll be either in my gardens or on my mountain bike!

October 22: Dorothy Holtermann, Author and Health Coach

Dorothy Holtermann is an integrative nutrition health coach on a mission. Her philosophy to "love food that loves you back" is the cornerstone of her book, her counseling and teachings. She is dedicated to counseling people, to help them create permanent positive health and life transformations using great food and loving lifestyle habits to create big shifts. She is an avid proponent that "life fully nourished is delicious."

She has been cooking up a storm for decades. Dorothy is warm, fun, and engaging. Her nutrition knowledge, healthy lifestyle tips and secrets to change habits permanently have been used by many to transform their lives.

Love Food that Loves You Back is an inspiring book based on her personal experience of:

  •          Successfully losing 70lbs.
  •          Lovingly reclaiming her health and happiness.
  •          Eliminating a ten-year dependence on prescription drugs to manage anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Dorothy Holtermann's previously privileged life collapsed after both of her dual residences were subject to disasters: 9/11 at Battery Park City, Manhattan and Hurricane Katrina at Seaside, Florida.

Consequently, for the next decade she suffered from anxiety, depression, obesity and insomnia and became addicted to the drugs to treat these debilitating conditions.

Dorothy’s wake-up call came when her doctor told her "You are not going to live your life span!” and offered her a single simple solution in the form of a calorie book. After discounting the calorie counting approach, Dorothy experienced a transformation in her health and wellbeing by exploring delicious foods that fed her body, mind and spirit.

Loving the food that loved her back fueled a new life of loving self-care, better relationships, a new career, and an astonishing revelation of life’s true purpose. If Dorothy can do it, maybe you can do it too.

October 29: Cindy Heath, Fiber Artist

Cindy Heath is a self-taught fiber artist with more than 40 years of experience making high quality traditional and art quilts, fiber art wall hangings, and commissioned works. She has studied art quilt design and abstraction with fiber artists Sue Benner, Jane Dunnewold, and Katie Pasquini Masopust, and has taught quilting and art to children and adults since the late 70’s. Through the process of applying varying levels of fabric layering, abstraction techniques, and creative thread work, movement and color are important elements in her art work. Cindy is a member of the Surface Design Association and Studio Art Quilt Associates, and her work is exhibited in galleries and private collections in New Hampshire and Vermont. She lives and works in Plainfield, NH.