The Mount Washington course is open and looking good! May 07, 2021
The Mount Washington course is open and looking good!
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The Spa & Fitness Programs

"Yinyasa" Ayurvedic Yoga

A Yin/Vinyasa variation that balances feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) energies to create a calm centering of the mind and a harmonious balancing for the body, in order to reduce stress and promote peace for complete holistic health - not only for wellness in both the mind and body, but in the heart and spirit, as well. Stress reduction breathing techniques, introduction to visualization, and a guided yoga nidra body scan for total rejuvenation are included in this yoga class. All levels are welcome! Pre-registration is recommended, as spaces are limited, but drop-ins are encouraged to stop in!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a centuries old movement system developed in China originally as a fighting art. The movements are deliberate and the practitioner is aware of every subtle shift of balance. Its slow rhythmic movements calm the mind while the body is gently moved. Tai Chi can be practiced anywhere—inside or outside. The goal of this discipline is to incorporate the movement and the calming of the mind into one's body and mind. These one-hour classes are suitable for any level. Start where you are!

Restorative Yoga

After a day of indulging yourself in various activities and explorations in the White Mountains, relax your body by participating in our Restorative Yoga. We will focus on Asanas that soothe your muscles and ligaments and at the same time quiet your soul! All levels are welcome!

Rise and Reach Yoga

Start you day by awakening your body with our morning Yoga. This class focuses on movements of the spine, hip flexibility, lengthening of the body and setting your personal intention for the day. This is a class for all levels and all ages!

  • Location: Please check The Bugle as our locations change
  • All ages welcome
  • Class size limited to 20 participants
  • Some blackout dates may apply. Check our event calendar for dates and times.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class time.
Please contact Activities Concierge Desk for the latest yoga schedule for Omni Mount Washington Resort. Reservations are encouraged, please call (603) 278-8989.


Please do inform us if you are pregnant or have another condition affecting your choice of services. For your comfort and safety, you must be past your first trimester if you wish to receive a massage. Do not use essential oils if you are being treated for low blood pressure; if pregnant, please check with your doctor before using essential oils.