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Massage at The Spa in Bretton Woods


A favorite of those new to receiving massage as well as those seeking pure relaxation, Swedish Massage uses long, gliding strokes and light to medium pressure to ease the body and mind. Customized scented and unscented natural oils are included complimentary with this service, or choose to upgrade to therapeutic aromatherapy oils. (50 or 100 Minutes)

This classic technique uses the penetrating energy of warm basalt stones to help the body relax and dissolve stress. (50 or 100 Minutes)

Ideal for sports and fitness enthusiasts, this massage combines deep tissue techniques with stretching to relieve muscular tension while increasing flexibility and circulation. (50 and 100 Minutes)

With two therapists and a private massage room, share this relaxing experience with a family member, friend, partner or spouse.

This corrective and therapeutic massage uses expert application of deep pressure to focus on deeper layers of muscle tissue and “knots”, perfect for those with chronic muscle tension. (50 or 100 Minutes)

Indulge your extremities by combining our North Star and River Bed services. Tender care is given to lower legs and feet, lower arms and hands, neck, scalp and face. Perfect for those not interested in a full-body massage but still interested in full-body relaxation. (100 Minutes)

This massage relieves body tension and stress by focusing on the neck, back and weight-bearing joints.  100 minute service includes soothing belly mask. (50 and 100 Minutes)
Please note: Massage can only be done if you are past your thirteenth week of pregnancy and it is NOT recommended for those women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

All Spa Treatments and Rates:

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Phone: 887-278-2920 or 603-278-4286

For pricing beyond the published dates, please email or call The Spa.

All spa services are currently prioritized for in-house guests and club members. Advance reservations are required. For reservations please call 603-278-4286 or email

Please note: Due to high demand, a 30-day advanced reservation for weekend Spa treatments is highly recommended. Availability for Spa appointments is prioritized for registered resort guests and club members. Public appointments may be available within 24 hours of desired day and time. Please inform us if you are pregnant or have another condition affecting your choice of services. For your comfort and safety, you must be past your first trimester if you wish to receive a massage. Do not use essential oils if you are being treated for low blood pressure; if pregnant, please check with your doctor before using essential oils.